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Embracelets - "Would Rather Be With My Dog" Gold Stainless Stackable Layered Bracelet

$ 16.99


Embrace the Dog Love Life With an I Would Rather Be With My Dog Bracelet

If you would always rather be with your dog, this bracelet is the perfect addition to your jewelry collection. By saying, “I would rather be with my dog,” you can let everyone know how you’re feeling, and who you just can’t wait to get home to.

Expressions to Capture Your Personality

With Embracelets, nobody has to guess what you love most. You flaunt what you love, remind yourself of a mantra, or make a simple statement. There are many different options that come with wearing Embracelets.

Capture your whole personality with this simple line. You can add other sayings and so much more with stackable Embracelets. They come in different colors, and they’re made to match different outfits.

These bracelets are also perfect as a gift. Brighten someone’s day, help them express themselves, and add a fashionable piece of jewelry to their collection.

The Perfect Bracelet

The bracelet is one size fits all and features a cuff-style and clasp-free design that’s perfect to just throw on and go. Featuring black engraving on a gold bracelet, this bracelet is perfect for dog lovers, and will look great with many other pieces of jewelry. It’s also made from stainless steel and meant to last!

The I Would Rather Be With My Dog bracelet is a perfect stacking bracelet, and fits in with a number of other styles. Shop our bracelets to find the perfect match!

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