5 Ways to Style a Pashmina Scarf

Posted on 17 June 2019

How to Wear a Pashmina Scarf

Pashmina scarves provide endless options for creativity, with their rectangular shape and all-season fabric. Make the most of this versatile accessory by learning how to wear a pashmina scarf for warm or cool weather, and be inspired by our tips for dressing this luxuriously soft piece for any occasion.

What is a Pashmina Scarf?

A basic understanding of where pashminas come from will help us to appreciate the many options for how to wear a pashmina scarf. Originally, the word “pashmina” referred to a specific kind of cashmere that was woven from Persian goat wool. The word itself is based on the Persian word pashm, meaning “wool.”

Over time, the term became synonymous with scarves made from either 100% premium cashmere wool or a blend of 70% cashmere and 30% silk. Nowadays, “pashmina” is used more broadly to refer to a wide, rectangular scarf with a soft feel that can be tied, draped, or styled around the head, neck, and shoulders.

How to Style a Pashmina Scarf

Here are five ideas for how to wear a pashmina scarf that can help you to style this useful accessory for any occasion:

1. The Simple Drape

Ideal for summer or winter, the simple drape is the option for how to wear a pashmina scarf that is the most similar to the classic “scarf” look and can be dressed up or down as required. To begin, spread out your pashmina scarf on a table or on the floor and fold it lengthwise two or three times until you achieve the desired width. Then, drape the scarf around your neck like an ordinary scarf and you’re done!

2. The Loose Chain

Add some form and interest to a basic drape by tying the ends of the folded pashmina into a loose knot below your neck and continuing to tie loose knots all the way down to the tasseled ends. The result is somewhat braid-like and looks great with everything from jeans to skirts.

3. The Basic Shawl

Wondering how to wear a pashmina scarf for a night out? The basic shawl style looks fabulous while keeping your back and shoulders warm. To style your pashmina as a basic shawl, simply open it out and wrap it around your shoulders. You can then flick the ends over the shoulders opposite to keep it in place, secure it with a decorative brooch, or leave it open at the front to highlight a stylized neckline or an elegant pendant necklace.

4. The Basic Shawl with Twists

Keep your pashmina in place after forming a basic shawl by twisting one end above your elbow and flicking the end over your opposite shoulder. The other end can then be flipped easily over the same shoulder for an elegant style that won’t easily come undone.

5. The Bolero

No jacket? No worries. Our final idea for how to wear a pashmina scarf provides a bolero shape that is secure and stylish for formal occasions. Beginning with the basic shawl style, bring the ends under your arms and around to the back of your waist, tying them in a knot underneath the fabric so that the knot is hidden. You now have a soft, colorful bolero that will keep you warm all night!

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