The Beginner’s Guide to Bohemian Fashion

Posted on 01 July 2019

If you’re ready to change up your look and rock a Bohemian fashion style, you can do different things that will set your style apart. Starting out with just a few key pieces will help you create a look that’s truly and uniquely yours..

Neutral Colors are Key

While this look is all about choosing your favorite colors and styling them the way you want, there are some colors you might want to avoid. Neon colors and bold prints might not be the best option in this case. Instead, stick with neutral colors, floral prints, and designs inspired by nature.

When you select an outfit, trying things you might not typically wear (like dresses) is a great way to step out of your comfort zone. Dresses are very Boho, and can be paired with many different accessories.

Accessorize Your Look

This type of fashion style is all about the accessories, and you can change your look by simply adding a few bracelets or necklaces to your ensemble. It’s a good idea to add jewelry that’s also naturally inspired, instead of bold and flashy.

Pairing a few small rings with bracelets and necklaces gives you a layered look. Layering is a common theme in Boho fashion and is a great way to enhance your style without a huge commitment or wardrobe overhaul.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match

There’s no such thing as clashing when you’re switching to this kind of look! When you’re finding your own fashion ideas, you should mix and match different colors, prints and styles. Adding a scarf with a contrasting print will help create visual layers and give your outfit something more unique.

As you learn more about the Bohemian fashion style and the looks you love, you’ll be able to better pair your outfits. You can learn more about the looks you love and you’ll also be able to make it easier for yourself to find the best accessories you can pair together.

Bohemian Makeup How-To

While makeup might not be the first thing most people think about when they’re changing up their wardrobe, the makeup you wear can make a big difference. Layering clothes and patterns works well for this style, but it’s the opposite for makeup. The more natural you look, the better.

To get your natural sense of style to stand out, try simple makeup looks like mascara and a neutral lipstick. You may also want to stick to neutral-toned eyeshadows. Going bare-faced is a great way to stand out and show off your natural beauty!

Perfect Shoes for Bohemians

While you may want to channel your inner hippie, going barefoot isn’t always an option. There are many ideas, though, that you can use for shoes. Sandals, fuzzy boots, and even clogs all look great.

Make sure your shoes are comfortable and appropriate for whatever activities you’re doing throughout the day. Choose the kind of shoes that work for you, and you’ll be able to put your best foot forward, no matter where you are.

Staying True to You

It’s important to always be yourself. Choose outfits that suit your own personality and that are comfortable for you to wear. If you know what you like, make sure you incorporate that into your daily style. Choose accessories that you love. Even if you love a certain necklace that doesn’t fit the traditional Boho vibe, you can still wear it!

Creating your own sense of Bohemian fashion style will allow you to express yourself through clothes and accessories. You can try different outfits to learn more about what you love and what works best for you. Focus on neutral colors, fun layering pieces and the things you love the most while also giving yourself the freedom to wear whatever you want. Dress the looks down for a more traditional style, or dress them up for a chic look that’s all your own. As long as you’re staying true to yourself while you’re recreating the Boho style, you’ll always feel good about what you’re wearing!

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