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Posted on 06 August 2019

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After two months of days on the beach, barbecues, and new friendships, it’s time to start winding down the summer fun and start gearing up for a new school year. To help you put your best foot forward and make those good first impressions with your teachers and classmates, we’ve put together this back to school fashion guide to help you earn you an A+ in fashion from the very first day.

Start Strong and Dress for Success

With back to school fashion, the way you dress on the first day may be the way you are remembered throughout the year, so it’s very important to choose an outfit that makes you feel confident and shows what you’re all about. Whether you’re the conservative type who likes to stick with one favorite style or an out-there gal who likes to change her look every few weeks, here are some ideas to help you put together the perfect outfit:

Fresh out of Summer

Just because you’re picking up the books and heading back to school doesn’t mean you need to trade in your summer-lovin’ wardrobe just yet. A sleeveless dress with flats, a cardigan, and some cute accessories can keep you warm enough for the start of fall while helping you to transition effortlessly into a new school year.

Signature Color

Help others remember you and bring out the glow of your individual skin tone by finding your signature color and including it somewhere in your back to school fashion. Whether you go all-out with hot pink or keep it cool with a blue sweater and navy sneakers, sticking to a color scheme can streamline your fashion decisions and might even get you a mention in the class yearbook!

Top of the Class

As you embark on the next year of your career as a professional student, you can reflect a professional approach. A fitted shirt or tunic, a stylish skirt or dress, and a smart blazer with some leather shoes and a neat hairstyle will show your teachers and classmates that you mean business.

Free-Spirited Wildflower

Express your unique personality and connection with nature by being boho chic. Flowing dresses, boho bandeaus, and handmade jewelry look feminine and stylish and show others that you’re an independent girl who values being true to herself.

Dancing Queen

For the dancers and cheerleaders, be ready for movement all day long with soft, breathable fashion dancewear and comfortable ballet flats. If you’re more of a hip-hopper, tight tops and cargo pants are a must, along with solid dance sneakers and sparkling accessories. Sequins and minis—however—are best saved for the disco on the weekend. You want to draw attention to your graceful and elegant style without your back to school fashion being too distracting.

School Pride

Finally, no back to school fashion guide would be complete without mentioning the power of wearing your school colors. In addition to raising your school pride and simplifying your accessory decisions, wearing your school colors is the perfect choice for everything from daily classes to field trips, sports days, band practice, and the homecoming game.

Prepare for any Weather

The start of the new school year coincides with the changing of the seasons and a greater variability in temperature. Safeguard your outfit against changing weather and cool breezes by layering your look and packing an extra sweater.

Shorts with leggings, a dress with tights, and a dress over a tee or top are all smart ways to stay comfortable while rocking your signature look. By mixing and matching your layers, you can also create a wide range of cute outfits while saving money for your textbooks, school trips, and prom!

Your Outfit is only the Beginning

Still worried about what others will think of your back to school fashion choices? Remember that the clothes you wear are only the beginning. Above and beyond a back to school fashion guide, let your personality, confidence, and compassion shine through, and you’ll instantly look more beautiful—no matter what you’re wearing!

Stay Stylish All Year Round with Accessories Boutique

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