How to Carry a Dress Over Into the Fall

Posted on 01 August 2019

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If there’s one thing we love about the spring and summer, is the chance to wear a cute simple dress every day of the week. Dresses can be fun, feminine, and flirty and are easy to accessorize for everything from beach parties to a regular working day. When the summer season comes to an end and you begin to think about putting together your fall capsule wardrobe, keep enjoying your spring and summer dresses for a little bit longer with our creative fall outfits dress ideas.

Focus on Fall-Friendly Colors

In regions where the seasons are more pronounced, reflecting the colors of nature with your wardrobe can help you to tune in to the changes happening within yourself as well as those that surround you. For warm fall days and balmy evenings, choose a cute simple dress with pinks, reds, oranges, yellows, greens, and browns. For cooler fall days, create chic fall outfits by combining a dress with warmer layers:


A pair of tights works a treat with long maxis as well as cheeky minis and rompers. Go for darker colors and be sure to coordinate your tights with your sunglasses and other accessories. For especially cold days, increase the heat with leggings and a pair of knee-high boots.

Tees and Tops

Offering more than just modesty, layering a dress with a plain tee or top is an easy way to make an instant fall outfit. Tees work well under cute spaghetti-strap and strapless dresses, and 3/4-length and long-sleeve tops offer even more versatility for wearing sleeved dresses in the fall. We recommend choosing a lighter color tee and darker tights or leggings to create a balanced effect and draw the attention to your beautiful, smiling face.

Cardigans and Sweaters

Get cozy for heading out in the morning and ward off the evening chill by topping your dress with a soft, chic sweater, jacket, or cardigan. Sweaters offer a more casual look when worn over a dress and can easily be paired with a pair of sneakers or boots. Cardigans create a more timeless, classic look that can work when you need a touch of class at school or in the office. If in doubt, a jacket tied around your shoulders at the neck emits an air of cool confidence and complements your fall outfits with a dress whether you leave it there or decide it’s time to put it on.

Hats, Scarves, and Gloves

The final layer of warmth for your fall ensemble consists of a hat, gloves, and a scarf. Protect yourself from the cold fall wind while enjoying a breezy look by complementing your dress with these all-important pieces. A scarf or pashmina brings the additional benefit of doubling as a fashion accessory—you can keep it low-key with a simple neck knot or pull it down over your shoulders for a chic jacket-like style that will take you from family restaurants to galleries and galas. Be sure to check out our blog about pashmina scarves to use these versatile pieces to their maximum advantage.

The Perfect Accessories for your Fall Outfits with a Dress

No outfit would be complete without a couple of well-chosen accessories. Unassuming ladies may prefer a delicate chain necklace to complement the neckline of their cute simple dress while the more daring among us might like to go all out with statement earrings and an arm full of stacking bracelets. Whatever your style and unique taste in fashion, express yourself with pride and enjoy mixing and matching your fall outfits with a dress to find a fresh look every time.

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